Five online game stores for cheap games

Hello people! It’s time for our first non-Ark article! In this new article, we will be looking into cheap online game stores and the reliability and payment methods they ensure us.

First up, is the most famous budget Steam (and others) games store, G2A. If you ever watch gaming videos on Youtube (which I bet most of you do very often) or Googled gaming related materials, then I am sure you’ve had seen G2A advertisements before.

G2A unlike others sites here, instead of being a central game store, they are a online game marketplace. Which mean that the company do not sell game keys themselves, instead their users sell it. According to the latest statistics, it is believed that this marketplace currently has over 6 million members. This mean that G2A is trusted by many and have a lot of games for you to purchase.

Personally, I’ve purchased my copy of Ark: Survival Evolved on G2A two months ago. My mode of payment is Bitcoin and the transaction between the seller and me is fast. If you decided to purchase a game from G2A, I’d suggest you to also purchase the G2A Shield which is only a mere 3 dollar. With G2A Shield, you can be sure that your game key will arrive in your inbox – if you choose email as the mode of delivery.

Payment method: Credit Card, Paypal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Bitcoin and more – check here for a full list.

HumbleBundle [Store]

HumbleBundle is a online game store that bundle games up and sell them at dirt-cheap price. The profit gained is then spread between three places, the HumbleBundle company, game developer/company and charity. And this is why they are a big hit, buy games and dirt cheap prices and support charity. By dirt cheap, I really mean it is super cheap. For example, the current Humble Gems Bundle which include games like Unbox (normal price: 11 USD), Assault Android Cactus (normal price: 15 USD), Spaera (normal price: 9 USD) and other four awesome gem-themed games for only a low price of 12 USD.

Of course, not only do they sell games bundle. You can also purchase games in the Humble Store at low price while also supporting charity. Sadly as far as games quantity is concerned, I seem to find that Humble Store do not have much games compared to others sites listed here. However, if you’re looking for popular games, you may be able to find it.

HumbleBundle was once my favorite, until they stopped accepting Bitcoin. I’ve had purchased many bundles from them using Bitcoin before until they do not accept Bitcoin. As Bitcoin is my only mode of payment, even if there is a really good bundle that I wishes to buy, I couldn’t do so. Anyway, as for Humble Store, I have never purchased anything from it before because of the exact same reason – no Bitcoin payment available.

Payment method: Card, Paypal and Amazon


Another online games shop where you can find a lot of AAA games. GreenManGaming or GMG in short, is in direct partnership with a lot of AAA games company such as Ubisoft and Capcom. Unlike G2A, GMG is an online shop where the company sell the game to you directly. This mean that you can be sure that you will receive your keys in your email when your payment is confirmed. They have been in business for 6 years and they wont probably be cheating you.

I have never purchase anything on GreenManGaming before. However, if you are on a tight budget and is looking for a trusted online retailers to purchase games directly from, then GreenManGaming is for you.

Yes, another online game retailer that name start with ‘G’. GOG also known as Good Old Games is another platform to purchase cheap online games. They have been in business since 2008 and they have a ton of games in stock. However, most of their games, as their name suggests, is old games that is good awesome. If you are looking to purchase AAA title, you may not be able to find. However, if you are looking to purchase a good old game, you’re in luck! Sometime though, you may be able to find AAA titles in their store because they have a community wishlist. A place for the customers to express their interest in games that is not in their store.

Again, I have never purchase anything from before so I do not have any feedback or suggestion.


As the name suggests, this online cheap game retailer is a place for indie gamer. Similar to HumbleBundle, they bundled up indie games into a paackage and sell them at a very low price. For example, the current Friday Special Bundle, #40, they contains great indie games like Star Tactics (normal price: 8 USD), GEARGUNS РTank offensive (normal price: 8 USD) and 8 other games for a low price of 5 USD only.

They also have their own online stores to buy games that is not included in their weekly bundles for a cheap price. Don’t expect to find AAA games there though because they mostly sell indie games. However, like GOG, there is still chances of AAA games appearing in the indie store. :).

I have purchased a few games from IndieGala before because they accept Bitcoin. One of the best game I got from their store for a cheap price is Sniper: Ghost Warrior Trilogy which contains six high-quality graphics sniper-themed game for the price of 2 USD only.


Not a popular online cheap game store among gamer but is one of my favorite – because they only accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Started in 2015 and closed down in mid 2016 due to some problems. However, they just recently opened up for business again. One thing about is that they do not have large stocks of games because it is a one-man (or probably two-men) company. However, the good thing is that their game keys is selling for a really cheap price.

I have purchased a few games from them before including Just Cause 2 (which I spent a lot of time playing this year) and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. So far I have a very good experience with the shop because the admin is very active and will reply to any support tickets almost immediately.

If you have Bitcoin and is looking to purchase games with it, you should really consider supporting this cryprocurrency only online game retailer. Do check them out from time to time as they have sales every now and then.

This concluded our first non-Ark articles. I hope that you find this article helpful and be sure to share it with your friends. If you know of any other online cheap game stores, feel free to comment below and discuss. :).

Until then, happy gaming! :).

ARK Survival Evolved: Building a base

Welcome back survivor! So you have killed enough innocent dodos and coal fishes and have a good stock of meats? You have also set up a ton of campfires at different places whenever you respawn at a random location? Now you want a more permanent place to stay in which you can respawn at? No problem! In this guide I will be teaching you the basic of base building.

Firstly, depending on your levels, unlock the Thatch Foundation, Thatch Doorframe, Thatch Roof, Thatch Wall and finally Thatch Door. All of these will total up to 15 engrams point. Once again, spend your engram points wisely – spending on buildings is a good investment – as a solo player can never unlock all the engrams in official server.

Now that you have unlocked all the required engrams for a beginner thatch base, you should find a good spot to build you base. Below I listed down some things to note of when looking for a place to build your thatch base.

  • Find a place with a lot of resources (wood, bushes and water is much needed for beginner)
  • Find a place that is well hidden (don’t build near the beach instead build somewhere inside the wood)
  • Check the surrounding for others bases (not to worry to much if the server is not hostile because people normally won’t loot beginner thatch base)

Once you have find a prefect spot to build your base, you should start gathering resources – thatch, wood and fiber. For a beginner thatch base, a 2x2x1 sized base should be enough. Once you unlock the wooden building tiers, you should move out and find a new spot to build. Back on the topic, start by gathering resources for the Thatch Foundations because without it, you cannot place any other materials and hence may overload you. Speaking of encumbering, as soon as you have enough resources for Thatch Foundation, start crafting one as it can lower your weight by a little bit – not much but still a big help.

When you have enough Thatch Foundations, start placing them by equipping the items on your hotkey and press the hotkey. Left-click to place the building material down or right-click to cancel. Do not place them on very uneven grounds because Ark snapping may not be able to snap it. Slightly uneven should be okay. Now that the floor is done, it’s time to get the wall up. Remember, you do not need to cover the whole base with wall – leave a space for doorframe and door. For example, if you are building a 2x2x1 base, you only need 7 walls instead of 8 because the doorframe and door will occupy the leftover one. Walls should be relative easy to place – much like the floors. Next up is the doorframe and door. Start by placing the doorframe first then the door since a door require a doorframe as snap points. You’re almost done. One last thing and that is the roof.

I don’t think I will need to go through on how to installing roof since it is much similar to placing the foundations.

Now that you have a small (or maybe big?) house to stay in, you can no longer vulnerable to the dangers outside such as the elements and creatures – small ones cannot attack you but big ones like Trex can easily destroy your thatch base. But there is still something for you to do before you can start risking and going out without fearing of losing everything. Firstly, is to craft a storage box. Secondly is to build a bed so you can respawn in your base every time you die. A hide sleeping bag is not a permanent solution as you can only use it one. And as a beginner you will be dying a lot which mean that hide sleeping bag is not a good investment. Instead, spend an additional 6 engram points on a simple bed will be a better alternative – note: you will need to unlock Hide Sleeping Bag first before you can unlock Simple Bed.

Now go to you engram page again and unlock Hide Sleeping Bag, Simple Bed and Storage Box.

Start by crafting a storage box and put things you don’t need inside – do not throw them away. Simple Bed do not require much resources and hence you should be alright if you have x40 hide already. If not craft some spears as you will be needing it to farm hide from dodos and dilos. Do not engage big creatures because you do not want to die and respawn miles away from your newly built base.

Craft a bed as soon as you can and place it inside your base. Left-click one time to confirm its position and the second time to confirm its rotation position. And … you’re done with your first base! Now you can freely walk out to hunt animals for hide, meat or EXP without the fear of starting all over again.

When you reach level 10, you can choose to upgrade your base to wooden material or to find a new spot to build. I’d recommend you to build at a new spot so you will have two bases. Of course, you can also upgrade the thatch base and build a second base. But I wouldn’t recommend you doing that unless you have Stone tier materials because wood can easily be destroyed too. Upgrades can be done as easily as placing the new materials over the old ones.

Have fun in game! Do show some of your thatch base screenshots below in the comment section! :).

ARK Survival Evolved: Your first day in-game

Hello and welcome back for yet another ARK Survival Evolved guide! You now know the differences between Official and Unofficial servers and you also know the different game modes ARK Survival Evolved have. My guess is that you joined a server of you liking and spawned somewhere in the map near the beach. And … you do not know what to do so you run around and punches some dinos with your bare hands, only to get yourself killed.

And that’s is why you are back for another guide? Well, whatever the reason is, this guide is for beginners players that do not know what to do upon joining their first server. In this article, I will be teaching you what steps new survivors should be taking upon spawning in a big unknown island filled with dinosaurs …

Ark Survival Evolved
Don’t be like this guy, he killed himself by attacking my tribe base with ‘bare hands’.

First thing you should do upon spawning, is to check your surrounding and see if any hostile wild animals is nearby. If you do see a Dilo or something that bad, I’d suggest you to quickly run away to a safer place by pressing Shift with your movement keys (W, A, S and D). If you do not see any hostile animals then you are good to go. Your next step is to check for the time – by pressing ‘V/I’ or looking at the sky. If it is morning or afternoon, you will have to quickly gather resources for the night. If it is night, you will have to find a place to ‘sleep’ or simply wait until morning – but before you ‘sleep’, you must get the basics done first (next paragraph). The good thing is that you have a long bright day tomorrow to explore the island.

Whatever time it is, be it night or morning, let’s don’t waste time and get the basics set-up. Firstly, you will need to punch some tree for thatch and wood. Beware, punching trees hurt you and hence you should lookout for your health bar. Once you have punched down a few trees, your next step is to run around collecting resources from the ground (stones) and bushes (fibers and berries) – by pressing ‘E’ key. After you have collected a few stones, press ‘V’ to access your craftable. Now, with 10 Thatch, 1 Wood and 1 Stone, you should be able to craft a Stone Pick. Quickly craft your first tool and equip it by going to your inventory (default ‘i’ key). I’d suggest you to equip it on your slot number #1 because you will be using it very often. Now toggle your Stone Pick by pressing your number hotkey (#1 if you follow my suggestion) and then start mining for flints – hit your Stone Pick on big rocks. Once you have destroyed a rock or two, it is time to craft a Torch for some warm and light during night time.

By now you should have enough XP to level up. Level up by putting points into your characters attributes. I’d suggest beginners to go for health and stamina first as they will be prone to the elements and will be using a lot of energy before they can start building a small hut. Once you have leveled up, you will notice another screen opened up. That is your engrams list. Engrams is basically crafting recipes that you can learn by spending engram points on – Stone Pick and Torch is free. You gain engrams points whenever you level up.

Now go ahead and unlock Stone Hatchet and Spear. You will be needing Stone Hatchet for gathering woods and stones – Stone Pick for flints and thatches. And a few spear to protect yourself form preys. Now, it’s time to gather some resources to craft these items. You should have have enough resources to craft a Stone Hatchet if you farmed good with your bare hands and Stone Pick just now. If not, go gather some more thatch, flint and wood and then quickly craft a Stone Hatchet and equip it on your number hotbar (I’d suggest #2).

By now you should have a Stone Pick, Stone Hatchet and a torch. With the two former ones and your hand, gathering resources is now much easier. However, defending yourself with using any of them is generally a bad idea. Let’s gather some more flints, woods and fibers in order to craft a few spears for self-defense – and maybe offense. I’d suggest you to craft about 3 spears at the start. Spears have chances to break when you use them and you do not want yourself to be caught without weapon during a fight.

Oh. Something that I forgot to mention. If you are low of water, go to a shallow river or sea (not swamp!) and press ‘E’ to drink water. If you are hungry, eat berries – can also regain water level – that you gathered with your hand on bushes. But eating berries sometime may not be enough. Let’s go kill a few wild animals for some raw meats!

A thing to note when hunting as a beginners, only engage wild animals that you can kill with spear. Parasaur is fast dinosaurs and you do not want to hunt them as a beginner until you have access to bow and arrows. Dodo, Dilo and Coal Fish (a lot in water) is a good target for players. Dodo and Coal is very easy to kill as they do not attack back, just be sure to check the surrounding before you launch an attack on them. Dilo on the other hand, is harder to kill as compared to the previous two. However, this also means that the reward (raw meats and hide) they give you is much higher. I’d suggest you to level up and get some armors before you start thinking about attacking dilos.

In case of an attack from a dilo, don’t run, you have spears now! Attack it on the head with your spear as it does more damage. Side step to avoid it spitting attack which can blind and slows your movement speed. If you ever play melee rounds on first-person-shooters game like Blackshot, you should be able to kill a dilo easily.

Once you start leveling up, unlock campfire (to cook meat Рplace raw meats and wood inside and light the fire) and provide more warm than torch at night) and all the cloth armors.  Craft your armors and equip it as soon as possible when you have enough resources as being naked do not help you Рother than showing your muscle (if any).

Now its time to enjoy the islands view and sit back with a campfire with a good stock of cooked meats (beware, they spoils).

Once you have enough fun, head over to the next guide where I will be teaching about basic base building. Enjoy! :).

ARK Survival Evolved: Important things to note before spawning

Upon joining a server of you choice be it PvP or PvE or whatever, you see a window with a naked man in the middle on your screen. It seem like a customization or sort. Yes you’re right. Feel free to customize your characters to your liking.

However before you start customizing and selecting your spawn position I’d suggest you to read the guide below as it will explain to you how your character build and spawn region will affect your survivor experience in-game.

Character Customization

First thing first, before spawning on the server, you will have to customize your character. I’d suggest you to take male character if you’re male in real life and vice-versa for female. This is because there is known attacks being done on people that play on different genders other than their real genders – especially guys playing as female character.

ARK's Character Customization Window
Character Customization Window

There is a lot of option for you to choose when customizing your new character. Some beginners actually just choose one pre-selected one and click “spawn”. I wouldn’t recommend you to do that because once you’ve spawned your character for the first time, you cannot reset your character body build. And how you look actually have an impact on your overall gaming experience on this game.

For example, having darker skin can help hide you from hostile players during the night. Having a smaller characters can reduce your hitbox size and hence making your enemy hard to attack you. These are just some of the most general ones. You should explore the settings yourself and find a character build that you like.

Pro Tip: You can save your character build by clicking entering a name and clicking the ‘Save’ button. This way, if you decide to start a new character or on a new server, you can easily load and edit your character build.

Spawning Region

Please note, the below mentioned content is only for “The Island” map.

Now that you have customized your character to a build that you like and you want to quickly start the game. However, you notice another option on the left side of the screen and you feel that it is important. Indeed it is. Where you spawn actually have a very huge impact on your first few weeks in-game. The reason is because some regions is more hostile than the others. For example, in the North spawns, you will probably be meeting a few Trexs while trying to get yourself some armors to cover yourself from the Northern’s extreme cold weather.

If you are absolute beginners and do not want so much of a difficulty like the one I described above, I’d suggests you to take one of the South spawns. The reason is because that South have plenty of waters around their islands. This mean that you do not need to worry about your water level too much. To add on, Southern dinos is actually not much of a hostile compared to Northern’s Trex and occasionally Gigas – one of the biggest and most powerful dinosaurs in game, even Trex is weaker. To top that off, if you spawn near South Zone 2 (which is where I usually spawn), you will have access to the weakest cave in this game. Hence you can get yourself some easy cementing pastes (a resources required for you to build advanced buildings and weapons) once you have yourself bows and arrows and of course good armors.

Okay. Now you can press the “spawn” button and have some fun with the dinosaurs in-game. Remember the punch some trees and get yourself a Pickaxe as soon as possible. More on crafting and things to do in-game in the next guide. :).


ARK Survival Evolved: Choosing a server to survive in #2 – Different Game Modes

So you now know the differences between Official servers and Unofficial servers, and you opened up ARK Survival Evolved only to find out that there is a lot of different game modes and you do not know which game mode best fit your playing style? Fear not! In this article I will be explaining the differences between these game modes to help you decide which server should you make your first step in the world of dinosaurs!

ARK's Servers Listing
Servers Listing screen

I will start off with the most basic game mode of survival game – PvP.

Player vs Player (PvP)

As the name suggests, in this game mode, you not only need to survive from the wild dinosaurs ranging from harmless Dodo bird to big and strong Trex, but you will also need to hide or kill any humans that come near you with the intention to harm you.

If you decide to join this game mode, I’d highly recommend you to join/form a tribe. This way you can have a few tribe mates to protect you and your belongings while you are offline. I will also recommend you to build a number of bases in case an enemy tribe destroyed your base for whatever reason – very often in hostile server.

This game mode require you to put in a lot of time and effort if you are playing on an official server. To add on, if someone decide to offline-raid your base (and somehow you only have one base), you will have to start again – your level and engrams will still stay with your character.

Player vs Elements/Environment (PvE)

PvE, unlike PvP, put you into a world filled with only hostile dinosaurs. Which means that you do not need to hide or kill strangers that run towards you with a spear or sword and shield. This game mode is much similar to Minecraft classic where you goal is to survive and build towers and massive buildings. Unlike Minecraft though, you can now tame dinosaurs as your pet. :).

However you are unlikely to find a good spot for you to start in PvE servers because of the PvE settings. Big tribes that play long before you start will have already build big structures. Things is much different if the server is wiped/brand-new – which only happens when the server populations is low on official server.

I have personally not played PvE because of the reason stated above and hence I do not have any tips for you.


This is just an added features for PvP and PvE – both game modes allow this new setting. Mode name may sound interesting much like Dino Run. However I will have to tell you that all this game mode does is to wipe/reset the server every month.

Good thing is that new players like you can start fresh like others. A combination of PvE and Extinction mode is a good choice for new builders as they will have plenty of spaces to build when the server reset – but all will be gone in a month …

Again, I have never actually played PvP or PvE with this game mode before so I do not have any tips.


This game mode is actually the first game mode that I played for sometimes before I head for PvP. Again, this game mode is an additional setting for PvP and PvE.

Primitive, a not-so-easy English word, actually means that everything is stop at stone age. No metal tools, no guns, no metal structures. This game setting is very good for beginners to get the feeling of ARK PvP because that big tribes do not have access to good technology like guns. Once comfortable, beginners can continue to play this game mode or they can try to play a real PvP servers for some bullets exchange – characters transfer is not available.

Primitive Plus

Much like the above mentioned game mode. Primitive Plus also stop you at advanced/modern tier but this new game mode introduce more primitive items such as Lantern and Flaming Arrows. Good for beginners and experienced to have some fun with new items while stuck in the stone age.

Survival Of The Fittest (SoTF)

Started as a game mode for ARK Survival Evolved but was re-released as a free-to-play game with another Steam title – ARK: Survival Of The Fittes.

Think this game as a hunger game style where only one will survive in the harsh environment. Everyone starts in the center of The Islands when game starts. Your only goal in this game is to be the last human standing by hiding or hunting. Official server of this game, unlike its paid version, have 6x rates for everything. This mean that you will be able to craft guns and tame big dinosaurs such as Trex before the area become smaller and smaller and forces you to fight with the other players – the world will keep shrinking until timer reaches or only one survivor is alive.

So now you know the game modes in ARK Survival Evolved and also know a new game, which game mode will you be joining? Comment below!

ARK Survival Evolved: Choosing a server to survive in #1 – Official VS Unofficial Servers

This is the first of a series of articles to help you survive on the harsh world filled with dinosaurs – ARK Survival Evolved. This guide will explain the differences between official and unofficial servers.

Killing a big dinosaur with spears!
Killing a big dinosaur with spears!

Soon, you will be joining a tribe and crafting spears and guns. Then, head out to the wildness to fight against dinosaurs or tame them to make them yours! But before you can do that, you will first need to choose a server to survive in. Choosing a server actually have a huge impact on your gaming experience on ARK Survival Evolved. There is two type of server in ARK Survival Evolved, that’s Official and Unofficial. Official server as the name suggests, is server that is owned and controlled by the game’s company (Studio Wildcard). Similarly, unofficial server is owned and controlled by the community. Each of them have they advantages and disadvantages. Below I list down some of the key points to take note of.

Official Server

  • Owned and maintained by Studio Wildcard
  • No server wipe unless low population
  • Will continue as long as ARK continues
  • BattleEye enabled – anti-hacking tools
  • Flexible rules
  • 1x rates – slower gameplay
  • Default gameplay element – no mods

Unofficial Server

  • Owned and maintained by third-party
  • Server may be wiped anytime without any notice
  • May or may not continue depending on the server admin interest
  • Optional BattleEye configuration – most servers do not have BattleEye enabled
  • May enforce new rules to game
  • Bigger and tasty rates – faster gameplay, again depending on the server configuration
  • Mods – such as being a dinosaur instead of a human

Unofficial server may sound great because of the additional features they provide such as faster resources gathering rates and taming time. However, there is cases of admins-abuse (spawning things for themselves, banning innocents) and server shut down because admins do not play ARK anymore. Official server on the other hand, do not have this kind of problem because the admins do not spawn luxury things for themselves (as far as we’re aware) or ban innocents players. They also do not have any rules other than no hacking and glitching. Which mean that you can build near caves or even block the entire mountain and call yourself ‘King of the hill’. Sound tasty isn’t?

However you may not actually be able to do that because of Alpha Tribe on the server. What is Alpha Tribe? They are tribe that controls the official server – Studio Wildcard actually find this interesting – because of their powerful in-game technology and experience. Some server have good alpha tribe that enforce good rules for the server such as no blocking of mountain etc – which is actually a good things since blocking of mountain or caves means new players like you can never actually play the game because of no access to metal or oil nodes (very important in-game resources). On the other hand, there is also alpha tribe that do not enforce rules or even worst, they make the whole servers theirs – wipe/kill anyone who tried to play on the server that is not within their tribe.

Unofficial server do not have those problems as explained earlier that the rules is enforced by the admins – though, the admins can sometime be abusive.

If you were to ask me which server should you choose, I do not have a good answer. Personally I play on official server when I first started. I met some friends and learnt the basics of the game then I move to an unofficial server because of the higher rates they give – I do not have time to play 12 hours a day (yes, in order to be successful in official server, you will need to turn this game into a full-time job …).

In the next articles, I will explain the different game modes ARK Survival Evolved provides.